I'm working away here with the CBC on in the background, half-listening to the pre-game show for the Belarus-Canada men's hockey game. I just heard Ron McLean report that scalpers are getting $2500 per ticket for the gold medal game and it got me thinking about ticket scalping as an avocation. Scalping is a quasi-legal proposition in most parts of Canada and the States but I can't see how it differs from any other form of speculation. The Cato Institute is in agreement with me (surprise, surprise) and TicketMaster thinks I'm very badly deluded (again; surprise, surprise).


Rick Glasel sends a note about Joe Clark's letter in the Globe & Mail today.

I wait anxiously to see what kind of reaction this gets. Will it be ignored and forgotten? It is succinct, pointed and just a bit courageous. Presumably, Clark had a lawyer look it over, because as I read it, it basically accuses Chrétien and Eggleton of fraud. Clark is the first politician to pin the tail on the napkin contract donkey with any conviction, that I know of. The question for me has always been "what kind of a businessman hand writes a contract on a napkin?". I've written up and received more impressive looking bills of sale for used beds and car parts. Take out a loan at a bank or buy a piece of property and see what kind of documents get produced out of a laser printer. This line of thinking doesn't mean anything in a court of law, but just how stupid do
Chrétien, Eggleton, and a large number of other politicians think the average Canadian is? By the lack of outrage, either quite stupid, or contemptibly blasé, and maybe I have to include myself in the second group.

That's the very thing, Rick. Every single incident since the cancellation of the Somalia Inquiry I have been waiting for the public outrage that really should be sweeping over the country. And every single time, I'm discouraged and amazed by the indifferent response of the Canadian people. I don't know if people aren't paying attention or if they have just given up . This country seems to have the sense of fatalism that you find in a terminal cancer patient. The specific thing about Eggleton, as far as I can tell, is that it is just more of the same; everyone assumes they are lying, all indications are that they are lying, and people even seem to have a bit of an attitude that any objection to their lying is hokey and naive. " Of course they're lying, what do you expect?"

Bah! I'm discouraged tonight.
Why I Love the Net ; Part Two

Arts & Letters Daily directed me to a site for the Arcata Eye a small town newspaper which is lucky enough to have a poet genius writing it's police log. Back in the day, I used to read the Police Log in the local newspaper to see what old friends had been up to. I never read a police log like this one though...

Here's a taste
12:40 p.m. They could have sat down with carpentry tools and a hunk of wood and reinvented the wheel, but instead three travelin' men sparked up a doobie in Redwood Park within sight of a clear-eyed ranger.

11:19 p.m. A tangled web of intrigue in Valley West included a guy at a pay phone informing what a witness surmised was a girl at the other end of the line that he was going to kill her. "I'll kill you!" he said, slamming the phone down, striking it and sustaining possible hand injuries, then stalking off toward the credit union. Meanwhile, a car was observed "parked kind of odd" behind a liquor store with a woman in the passenger seat. Coincidence, maybe. Lynchian certainly.

5:45 p.m. A Cedar Drive motorist passed
A chap who, with consummate class
Displayed his behind
The moonee, more refined
Could have done without seeing his ass.

Tuesday, November 20 2:28 a.m. A recidivist homo sapien took it upon himself to smash the window in the lovely kiosk at a G Street art deco movie theatre.

10:55 a.m. A goat went for a little goat stroll on Susan Avenue.

I'm probably done for the day. This site is the motherlode.

So good, I had to steal it...
"Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level."

-Quentin Crisp

It just seems to tie into the Canada/America thing.

Link Via Banana Counting Monkey
More Liberal Promises...

Jean Chretien sez,
"There will be a leadership eventually. There might be a day when I will resign," he said. "You know, it happened that Mr. Harris has decided to go; I might do that. But I'm there, but someday I will go eventually. Yes, some day I will die.

It's a good thing he didn't put that in the Red Book. The Cabinet would be wearing strings of garlic around their necks.

"Perfect Fools"

Andrew Coyne is at it again. If there were any justice in the world, Coyne would get the Order of Canada.

This is exactly the approach Mr. Chretien has taken to every issue of foreign and defence policy, especially as these touch on the relationship with the United States: from missile defence, to a continental security perimeter, to the prisoners of war controversy, and now to Iraq. Deny that it's necessary, deny that it's an issue, delay, fudge, only to agree with the American position in the end.

Coyne makes the point that Chretien plays the 'Anti-American' card like an old pro race-baiter but always comes around to the pragmatic position in the end. The 'fools' he his talking about are the Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star Editorial writers who support, unthinkingly, any utterance that even suggests a contrast between the Americans and Canadians.

I wonder what this country could have become, if it had only taken all the energy and passion that it's poured into loathing the Americans and channeled it into actually being a better country? How many times do you hear it? "at least we're not like them..." "at least we're not American..." That's the problem with this country, everyone is happy with 'at least'.

"At least..." It's the rationalization of a loser.

Speaking of which, here's Sheila Copps talking about America while pretending to talk about what makes Canada great.

NEW YORK - In a country rich with heroes in the wake of the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center, Americans are mystified by Sheila Copps' contention they have no one to revere except Hollywood stars.

On Tuesday Canada's Heritage Minister described Americans as "hungry for role models, but they have to get them out of Hollywood." She also implied Canada's political development has been superior to that of the United States: "When we created Canada, we didn't need a revolution -- we had an evolution." Ms. Copps made the comments while announcing plans for Canada's program of celebrations for the Queen's Golden Jubilee.


Never trust a woman with hands bigger than her head. Marlene Catterall is a mean, nasty woman who personifies the Liberal ethos; Why debate when you can dictate? Why negotiate when you can threaten? Why would you ever miss an opportunity to belittle, humiliate or bully anyone? What good is the power if you can't rub it in someone's face?

Eggleton's Defence: "Yes I AM That Stupid!"

That Mr. Eggleton gave contradictory answers in the Commons is a given.

His political future rests on a determination of whether he was devious or just dumb.

There is some argument to support either conclusion. But based on his performance yesterday, the weight of the evidence tends to the second

I caught a bit of the testimony on CTV Newsnet yesterday and I have to agree. Eggleton is making a pretty convincing case that he is a genuine blithering idiot. Which covers the 'misleading the house' thing but still leaves use with the problem of a blithering idiot running the defence ministry during wartime.



War on Iraq `hypothetical,' Chrétien says

According to my calculations, this means that Art Eggleton will stand up in the House tomorrow to announce that we actually launched an attack against Iraq on Feb. 11th.

Attaboy Warren

I was a little worried over the weekend about what was going to happen with Kinsella & Rock. I see this morning that Warren has fired back and 'good on him' for doing it. The National Post is reporting on a letter Kinsella sent to Stan Keyes, the Liberal Caucus chairman, on Friday (The full text of the letter is available here.) It was my impression that Rock was backing down last week and I'm glad to see that Kinsella is standing tough. Keep the bastards on the defensive Warren, they need to answer the charges rather than howl in outrage - the people are watching and the people are not willing to accept Liberal spin without question the way the media does.