I'm off camping in Algonquin Park for the weekend... will return Tuesday, or perhaps Monday if the weather is poor, or perhaps never if the bears are hungry. Enjoy your central heating and access to electricity.


Rick Glasel writes about CPAC...
I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, and CPAC is now up to #3 on my viewing list (after hockey games and TLC shows with nudity). Actually this sounds just like when Newsworld goes whining to the CRTC to complain that CTV Newsnet is actually showing live news footage instead of just reading headlines. CBC Newsworld has simply become a complete waste of taxpayer money, and mandatory cable fees. If I want to watch Antiques Traveling Road Show, I can watch PBS and feel like I'm getting something in return for the money I give to Shaw Cable every month. Let's not forget about Counterspin, which is the single stupidest show on television, bar none. The whole idea is to do a loonie-left-wing only version of Crossfire, with one token "right-winger" who gets shouted down after the second word by at least six pseudo-intellectuals whose aggregate IQ is less than my shoe size ( 11, in case you were wondering) with the same result every show, America baaaaaad, Judy Rebnick good. Even with government subsidies, Newsworld can't actually produce enough news, they have to repeat Counterspin ad nauseum, in between showing The National six times a night. CPAC is giving us far more value for our money, and cable operators aren't forced to give it a low channel number like Newsworld.

Have you ever tried to follow CRTC proceedings? Hour after hour of various parties trying to be as obtuse and baffling as possible in order to put one over the regulators and make a few more bucks, as if the private broadcasters and cable operators don't make enough money already. Let's abolish the CRTC, it serves no purpose whatsoever, and it doesn't do a damn thing to build a Canadian identity, at least an identity I could be proud of. As far as I can tell, the only thing the CRTC has accomplished is drive local phone service rates up to $25 a month.

There's my rant for the day, I feel much better now.

Good one, Rick. I keep meaning to do a rant on the CRTC but I never seem to get to it. Believe it or not, I have a whole shopping bag full of complaints that I have barely touched on yet. Basically, I think the CRTC is an evil and expensive hoax; but that is obviously an oversimplified statement of the argument.

A little ketchup with that crow?

Okay, Okay... Time to face the music. My Sens went down to an ignoble defeat at the hands of the hated Maple Leafs. They say there are good deaths and there are bad deaths - well this was a very bad death. The Sens didn't even start playing until the Leafs had scored, they had no shots in the second period, the Leafs played as though they wanted to play more hockey and the Sens just did not. Hard to watch. But next year will be better - this team lacks for nothing but confidence.

I think I mentioned it already but... I hate the Leafs. You have to respect the bastards though, they played with tons of heart and determination and they earned this series. Good luck in the final.


Part of the Liberal strategy for handling the Groupaction fiasco is to come on all wide-eyed and offended that anyone would question the impartiality of the RCMP. Besides the fact that the head of the RCMP is now a deputy minister (a de facto member of the government) there is the matter of Airbus. The RCMP has kept open a politically charged file years after apologizing to Mulroney for making false allegations. In another example of compromised integrity; the RCMP initially stated that there was no evidence that any documents were forged in the BDC - Grand-Mere - mess but quickly retracted that statement and the investigation remains "Open". In other words, this is another RCMP investigation that remains open because it serves the Liberal government's purposes to have it remain open. The Groupaction file is going to be handed off to the RCMP and it will be buried and forgotten, just like Grand-Mere.

We get what we deserve... We get what we accept... We get what we settle for...

What a shameful job we are doing.

Understatement of the Week

... and it's only Monday

"It is unique that the Parliament of Canada doesn't have a code of conduct whereas virtually all of the other provinces do," Ethics Counsellor Howard Wilson told The Hill Times. "This may be a timely moment to take a look at it."