Maybe I should change the name of this blog to "Some Stale Hell" since I have been pretty slow to update over the past few weeks. What can I say? The days are longer and warmer, the grass keeps growing and the world is just spinning too fast. I'm glad to see that the real media is actually starting to write about the fact that the Liberals have been scamming the whole country for years on end.

So I will probably not be updating all that often for the next little while... Unless I feel the urge to say something else about something else.

In the meantime... here are a few predictions;

Paul Martin will quit the cabinet - either today or tomorrow.
John McCallum will be named as Finance Minister and he will flame out horribly.
Denis Coderre will get a lot dirtier before this sponsership thing is over but he will survive.
Chretien will not stay to face the leadership review.

No warranties stated or implied, void where prohibited by law.