Fresh Hell

Fresh Hell is a fridge magnet that's smaller than a matchbox! It flies like a rocket and keeps your breath fresh for up to twenty-four hours.

A fun and weird website via Flit

Here are some more;

Jean Chretien is a credit card that swears!
Howard Wilson is a first-aid kit! It is made from recycled cardboard!
Kyoto Protocol is a samurai sword that's also available in white! It is perfectly safe to use.

Honest Howie is Heading East

Howard Wilson is taking his farewell tour to PEI "later" this week.
The federal ethics counsellor will travel to Prince Edward Island later this week to investigate Solicitor-General Lawrence MacAulay's awarding of an untendered contract to a political ally's accounting firm.

Howard Wilson said yesterday he needs to meet directly with those involved in the $140,000 contract to determine whether rules were broken. He and three other government officials conducted interviews in Ottawa on Friday and yesterday but won't finish their work until at least the end of this week, he said in an interview, adding, "It's our highest priority."

Please send in your predictions for the verdict and the timing. Since I get to go first (blogger's prerogative) I'll pick Friday, Oct 11 at 4:45 EST. The verdict? Innocent. It's probably silly to even include it as a category but we'll treat it like a wildcard. Old Howie might get unnaturally bold, what with his impending retirement and his hurt feelings over diplomatic goodies that have passed him by.

If you get a chance, tune in CPAC tonight to catch the repeat of Question Period and catch John Manley's act. This guy is such a piece of slugbait. I'll be sure to link to Hansard tomorrow but the printed word does not really do this thing justice. Towards the end of QP some opposition backbencher (I did not catch his name) gets up and asks a fairly impassioned question about the changes to the disability provisions of the Income Tax act. This fellow's daughter is apparently in a wheelchair and the guy wants to know about the rationale for the changes and he makes the point that business lunches are 50% deductible whereas wheelchairs are only 20% deductible.

Manley gets up and comes on all offended and replies with wounded dignity that he doesn't see the need 'to get personal about it.' It's such an incredible display of arrogance and petty spitefulness that it could almost turn your stomach. Manley gives all the appearance of a social retard who suddenly finds himself in the spotlight and, believing himself deserving of that spotlight, promptly reaffirms the wisdom of his high school tormentors. I remember questioning Manley's ability to resist the moral rot at the head of this government and boy, oh boy, I wish I'd put some money on the question. He's right up there with the crème de la scum now.