Bad Language Warning

Another exercise in the politics of screeching was launched by Svend Robinson just this past hour. Stephen Harper made some comments about "mug shots in post offices" in the HoC, apparently a reference to the cover of the National Post today. The NDP champion of self-promotion promptly stood up to express his horrified outrage and Harper dismissed his objections by saying that he "... was sure that Robinson's photo appeared in better places than just post offices."

Right on cue, Robinson fairly races out into the lobby to call Harper "a homophobe and a scumbag." The media, of course, ignores every single fucking thing of substance that happened today and latches onto Robinson's moral indignation and you can rest assured that you'll hear nothing else in the news for the next few days.

Why in the fuck we have to pander to these juvenile assholes day in and day out is, quite frankly, bewildering to me. Robinson injects himself into a series of statements that have sweet dick-all to do with him and when Harper dismisses him as the useless asshole that he is Robinson starts screeching "HOMOPHOBE!!!" like he believes there is no other possible basis on which to dismiss him.

Newsflash for Svend Robinson; You are a pointless but noisy waste of time and that has everything to do with your character and nothing to do with your sex life. Take your false outrage and your consistently wounded sensibilities and open a one man show on Broadway where that kind of narcissism is appreciated.

Newsflash for Stephen Harper; Stephen, you can not say one word to, about, around or within earshot of Svend Robinson that will not be immediate fodder for a media more in love with their own agenda than with the truth. You are the bad guy and you will never be anything else. Don't expect one ounce of integrity or fairness from the media cause it's not forthcoming. Give Svend Robinson exactly as much attention as he deserves which is 4/5ths of fuck-all.

Goddamit, I am pissed off.